Thursday, 24 September 2020

Ingrid Banwell inspired Artwork

 We have been studying the art work of New Zealand artist, Ingrid Banwell. She was born in NZ but now lives in Australia. Ingrid loves to travel around the world, and has her artwork displayed in many countries.

We focused on three points of Ingrid's paintings; firstly, the main idea of her painting always crosses the borders somewhere. Secondly, the big outside border has smaller drawings there that are relevant to the picture, and thirdly, the inside thinner border is a plain, repetitive pattern in two colours. 

We presented our work at assembly, and some pieces are going to be displayed in the school vestibule

1 comment:

  1. Hi Everyone,
    Thank you all so much for using my artwork as inspiration for these wonderful colourful pictures! I am both truly flattered and impressed by the variety of ways you have interpreted my art. I hope to arrange a time in the near future to say hello to you. Meanwhile, all the very best and keep up all the fantastic creative work.
    With kindest regards,